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SDA CNY 2021 Special

Flora, our principle of SDA, and our SDA instructors Terry, Samuel, Athena & Natie co-choreograph a chill routine with 10 super kids during live-streaming on the day before year of the OX. SDA Flora 校長聯同Terry, Samuel, Athena 同埋 Natie 四位SDA老師,趕及喺牛年前除夕一日,搞咗一個直播教學,仲同10位好犀利嘅小朋友,一齊排咗一隻chill chill嘅舞,聽聞喺限時內「交功課」嘅同學仔,仲有機會被選中,得到名貴嘅奬品添! music: Krabby Step by Swae Law,...