Rock feat. 陳葦璇Kira Chan – On the Floor by J.Lo

Rock’s choreography of On the Floor by J.Lo.  A spectacular performance in the final of kingmaker iii by Kira Chan, 1st runner-up winner of the contest. 
全民造星3 亞軍陳葦璇Kira Chan決賽嘅一隻跳唱歌 – On the Floor by J.Lo 由我哋嘅Rock Sir所編排!

music: On the Floor by J.Lo covered by 陳葦璇Kira Chan


0:00 demonstration

0:42 starting

1:19 move 1

2:45 move 2

6:08 move 3

9:12 move 4

12:54 slow

14:26 tempo

15:11 music

15:52 closing

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